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Громовое сердце (1992 )

An FBI man with Sioux background is sent to a reservation to help with a murder investigation, where he has to come to terms with his heritage. Slowly he rejects the intimidating tactics of his fellow FBI agents, who are not so interested in solving the crime as covering up an incriminating situation with the locals, and as he becomes more tuned to his heritage, the locals begin trusting him. Based on actual Reservation occurrences of the '70s. Written by Ed Sutton

Plot Keywords:

Two men from different worlds. Two cops after the same killer. Together they must uncover the secrets. Together they must discover the truth.

Motion Picture Rating (MPAA )

Rated R for language, and for some areas of violence | See all certifications »

Did You Know?

Maggie is based on activist Anna Mae Aquash, who was at one point the highest ranking woman in AIM. She was murdered in 1975. See more »

The original version shows Val Kilmers character drinking peyote; now that scene has been cut and it makes no sense. Why is he freaking out and having visions in the fire. It destroys the whole point of the movie in that the Val Kilmer character couldn't use logic, etc. to solve the case and had to try something else and learn his 'spiritual' background and get help from the 'spirit world' beyond our normal perceptions. Now it's just some guy acting weird because of a fire. It doesn't explain why he pulls his gun and the Indian sheriff tells him 'I know you're scared'. it was because he was having peyote visions; which are now censored, because all you belong in the soul harvester machine and if you dared take peyote you might learn that truth. See more »

Ray Levoi. [ Rhetorically, looking at the poverty of the reservation ] Where the hell did they send us?
Frank Coutelle. A long way from home, Ray.
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