>>> THE WIRE - by Byron Coley.
"French musician Delphine Dora is in great form here. Improvising in various keyboards and singing with all the ominous intent of a witch from Polanski's Mac Beth, she sounds great. The feel is less much friendly than on her recent Okraïna 10", but it's a wonderful whip of styles. Parts are akin to something Brigitte Fontaine might have done, but much is from turf untouched"

>>> WE NEED NO SWORDS - by Paul Margree.
"Only about a third of the pieces on Delphine Dora’s L’au-delà use the piano as their primary instrumentation, but these are the pieces that stand out, at least at first. Dora’s playing meets at the junction of Monk’s broken physicality and the minimalist, hammering repetition of Terry Riley’s Keyboard Study No. 2, the density of the latter crossed with the fluid breadth of the former, all the while holding a jewel-like glint of beauty close to its heart (. ) The vocals, with their contrasting lines of high-pitched ululations and spoken stream-of-consciousness monologues, are in the tradition of experimentalists like Meredith Monk or Annette Peacock. But Dora ups the melodrama and anxiety to a new pitch, multi-tracking herself to pack each piece full of sonic information. That combination of vocal and instrumental overload puts immense pressure onto the fabric of songs such as Les chevaux de feu, pushing them almost to breaking point. Listening to this piece is like trying to walk to the shops after a night on the whisky, the alcohol-induced euphoria fading into an unbalancing dizziness, internal and external stimuli colliding into a hellish miasma of light and sound. Idiosyncratically brilliant."

>>> WAS IST DAS - by Ned Netherwood.
"L'au-delà is another remarkable album. It opens with "Jaillissements cathartiques", a track of savage piano and multi-tracked voices, sounding like John Cage scoring a 70s haunted house film. (. ) Listening to this album, you feel aware of great forces at work. It feels like a metaphysical peep behind the curtains, the mechanisms of life. These sounds are pure poetry. Whatever next, Delphine ?"

released November 19, 2015

piano, vocals, organ, synth, effects, samples. Delphine Dora
All tracks composed, recorded, mixed by Delphine Dora during 2014-2015.

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Delphine Dora France

Born in 1980, Delphine Dora is a pianist, improviser, singer, and songwriter from France. She did many solo or collaboration recordings in the past and now, released on micro independent labels or available by free download. Drawing inspirations from various influences, her music is intimate, wild, weird and unclassifiable. more

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