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1a. the burden of physical or mental distress b. the constraint of circumstance. the weight of social or economic imposition

2. the application of force to something by something else in direct contact with it. compression

4a. the action of a force against an opposing force b. the force or thrust exerted over a surface divided by its area c. electromotive force

5. the stress or urgency of matters demanding attention. exigency people who work well under pressure

6. the force of selection that results from one or more agents and tends to reduce a population of organisms population pressurepredation pressure

7. the pressure exerted in every direction by the weight of the atmosphere

8. a sensation aroused by moderate compression of a body part or surface


Recent Examples of pressure from the Web

The suit was settled out of court in 2004 for an undisclosed sum, pressuring the company to divest Live Nation to avoid further federal scrutiny.

Mr. Fox was accused of advising Mr. Samson to pressure United into restoring the unprofitable flights by blocking a lease for a maintenance hangar that the airline was seeking to build.

Evidence of state involvement in Mr. Kim’s death could pressure the United States to put the North back on its list of countries that sponsor terrorism.

The goal: Block President Donald Trump's agenda by pressuring members of Congress at home. •

Mr. Gou added that Foxconn would also remain active in China, dispelling talk that Beijing was pressuring Foxconn about its investments.

A rallying of public support for the accord by the church may be the best way of pressuring Kabila to organize elections and step down without bloodshed.

Since the election, Trump has successfully pressured several manufacturers to keep some jobs in the United States, including Ford and United Technologies' air conditioning unit Carrier.

But with Trump poised to be take office and showing no hesitation to use his new clout to publicly pressure companies over their practices, Ford abruptly reversed course.

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