Queen Kong FULLHD

“Queen Kong” has taken me about 6 months to record. Knowing I had an awesome musician in Alex Gabucci (former bass guitar of Midfall Drive), I asked him to write bass for me on this project. I also decided to ask Chris DiPasquale to destroy the solo on track 6 “Almond Brother.” He came up with exactly what the music needed. As for the rest, I have written all the guitar, vocals, backup vocals and drums. I structured the songs, wrote all the lyrics and mixed it on my own. This is my first go around with any type of musical production and it definitely will not be my last. Good musicians know how to evolve and progress their art in a way that captivates its audience. I am looking forward to my own evolution with Queen Kong.

My interest in music, probably like many others, was sparked during the so called grunge era of Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder. Kurt was probably the number one reason why I picked up my first guitar (and my first cigarette). Although I was eventually able to put down the smokes, I never could quite put down the guitar. I am proud to say I am a self taught guitarist and vocalist. It has taken me years to figure out how to write music that I truly enjoy but after many years of evolution in my playing, I have finally come up with something I can be proud of. I am a firm believer in simplification. I believe in the idea of being able to write great music without too much clutter complicating the sound and ultimately not capturing the emotion you are trying to evoke in your audience. Tasteful composition seems to be the phrase I always come back to. At any rate this has been a long time in the making, a lot of fun to produce and in the words of a good friend “it needed to be done.” Hope you all enjoy.

I couldn’t have done this without my buddies Alex and Chris so that’s a huge thank ewwwwwww. Special thanks to Dan Dell and Tom Ryan for taking care of the BVB website. Also want to say thank you to my roommates Jon and Shawn for putting up with my incessant whaling and guitar playing night after night. Without their tolerance this never would have gotten done. And thanks to anybody else I have bounced ideas off of or anyone who has taken the time to listen to my music. Love you all