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Barb Wire (1996)

The original comic book ended its run shortly after the film's disappointing reception.

Colonel Pryzer. Now, where is Dr. Corrina Devonshire?
Woman in Torture Room. She's going to Steel Harbor, the free city.
Colonel Pryzer. Do you mind telling me why Cora D. is going to Steel Harbor?
Woman in Torture Room. She's meeting members of the Resistance. They're giving her the retinal lenses, helping her out of the.
Colonel Pryzer.

When Barb emerges from the bubble bath, she covers the front of herself with a towel, but when she walks past a mirror, a second towel can be seen covering her backside.

Crazy Credits

The opening credit sequence is one of the most famous in exploitation film history as Barb does a topless wet and wild dance as the credits roll.