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Paisley, United Kingdom

I travelled to Lisbon for 4 days from May 21st - 25th to take in the 50th Anniversary of the Lisbon Lions. I was with my Dad and my brother. We spent almost 2 full days at the Estadio Nacional. What a magical place. Thanks to the stadium manager Jorge we had unbelievable access and managed to walk round the entire stand and just take it all in. The Portuguese Cup Final was taking place on the 28th May therefore we were not allowed on the pitch but that was fine.

As a Celtic fan I have to say that you 'just feel it' when you visit this iconic stadium. You know what happened here all those years ago and as I said you 'just feel it'. I adore the place and I am already looking at going back next year. It is amazing.

We managed to walk up the steps from the tunnel where Bertie famously started the Celtic Song 50 years ago. We were very lucky because Bertie was at the stadium filming for STV news when we were there which was amazing. We also went back on the Thursday (the actual anniversary) and it is fair to say that anyone who was there will never forget it.

There was a real carnival atmosphere and there must have been around 1200-1500 Celtic fans there.

If you have never been here then you need to go. It is a very emotional visit.

Glasgow, United Kingdom

We stayed in Estoril for 9 days and we (and hundreds of others ) headed to the Estadio Nacional to celebrate the Celtics 50th Anniversary. What a fabulous day. a sea of green and white all singing our usual songs and some brought their supporters club banners and flags. The stadium staff made us so welcome and had music playing at one point Glen Daly singing the Celtic Song young supporters probably wouldnt know who he was but some of us oldies remembered him as "Mr Celtic" The Cyclists arrive to cheers of com 'on you" Bhoys in Green" but I sang Com'on you "Gals in Green " as there were females involved too.There was also a big welcome for the 2 Bhoys who drove the Green and White Hillman Imp to replicate the journey in 1967.
So well worth the visit and well done to all those who helped to organise this special day and of course on the Sat Scottish Cup win was the" green icing on the cake "

Was there Tuesday 4th April 2017. I have an email address for the guy in charge of the stadium. He emailed me and told me how to gain access. Train journey along the coast to Cruz Quebrada. Go under the bridges and cross the road into the park. You'll see the flood lights up ahead of your left. Keep going till you get there. The stadium was locked up but round the side there is a house and a gate. Go through and the security guard will let you in. I can't put it into words. Really emotional unique experience. Thanks to Jorge for arranging access for us. Loved it.

“ Husband a very happy Bhoy!”

Rosina D (38 reviews)

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Took my husband to Lisbon to celebrate his 60th birthday and of course the highlight for him was a visit to this stadium, especially this year! We were lucky that there was a match being played that afternoon as it meant we were able to get access to a lot of areas you wouldn't normally get into. For a celtic fan it really is a special place and worth a visit.

“ Wonderful place of pilgrimage”

j0hnj1967 (6 reviews)

Chelmsford, United Kingdom

This is the Stadium where the wee team from Glasgow at the cost of £30,000 pounds beat the elite of Europe. Great visit. HAIL HAIL

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