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Examples from the News

  • He was wonderful, with Laura Linney, as a burdened brother and sister looking after an ailing parent in The Savages (2007).
Philip Seymour Hoffman: An Actor First
  • His father cheered, his mother wept, and the world saw that contrary to popular belief, Palestinians are not savages. Mohammed Assaf: From Underdog to Idol
  • NB: I'm totally guilty of much of what Nolan savages in his short essay. Let's Chill Out on the First Person, Journalists
  • In his new film, Savages, pot growers who enrage a drug cartel, are the protagonists. Oliver Stone: Seven Drug Movies
  • In their oath of vengeance, the Taliban called us “sick-minded American savages.”

    U.S. Soldier Afghan Rampage Tears at Our National Soul, Says Former Marine

    • From savages one cannot expect too much, not even from oneself.
    The Conquest of Fear
  • The very drunk have the intuition sometimes of savages or brute beasts.

    Mary Roberts Rinehart

  • The savages instantly appeared, and applied their tomahawks to the door. The Adventures of Colonel Daniel Boone
  • "These savages have their own way of making war," I answered, calmly. In the Valley
  • The children's children of these savages were still in the Valley.