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Vanish is a game played by Markiplier. It is an indie first-person adventure/survival horror game developed on Unity3D by independent game development team 3DrunkMen.

Markiplier found this game to be particularly challenging, as it had taken him several tries over the course of a year before he finally beat the game once and for all.


Mark has had extreme difficulty coping with this game for several reasons.

During his initial playthroughs of the game, Mark was mostly unable to press himself to keep going due to fear of the outcome. At the time, Mark showed more fear and concern, which made it harder for him to continue. Later, his revelation of the 'living walls' made him realize how much danger he was actually in, and made it even more difficult to pick up the game again.

After several tries, Mark started to show less fear and more signs of mental deterioration for each subsequent playthrough. Each loss only garnered more encouragement from his fanbase to finish the game.

Eventually, five days after Vanish's Release Candidate was released and nearly a full year after Mark's initial playthrough, Mark decided to pick up the game for the final time, but highly expecting another loss. After two deaths, Mark decided to keep going, and ended up playing what may be considered the longest he's ever survived one playthrough of Vanish. Eventually, Mark picked up both the glowsticks and the keys and was left in the dark for nearly 20 minutes before he finally found the exit, leaving him thoroughly overjoyed and relieved that he had finally finished the game.

Even after this display, fans are expressing beliefs that Mark will not be truly 'finished' with the game.

  • To date, the Vanish playthrough is the longest time that Mark had taken to finish a single game, at around 363 days (nearly a full year since the first episode).
  • As stated in the second part of his Beasts of Prey playthrough, Mark has a total of at least 10 hours logged in on the game, owing in part to his recorded footage, as well as the times he had played the game off-screen.
  • The amount of happiness of beating the game was seen at a greater scale in Mark's second-to-final Five Nights at Freddy's video, in which he beat 20/20/20/20 mode on the Custom 7th Night after a supposed seven hours of straight gameplay - Mark has claimed that this instance of victory has given him more joy than when he beat Vanish a month prior.

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