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I’ve tried my very best to do this for the past 21 years, in service to my son and those that came into our very small world. Sharing essential oils has been a blessing that has allowed me to expand my ability to live in service to others exponentially and I am forever grateful.

I have learned this way of life through the example set forth by my parents and my sister. They set the bar high and I’m determined to pole vault over it!

Firstly, when my parents finally retired they moved to a remote town in Florida, where they joined a tiny church and transformed a good deal of it through their service and generosity. They started a Christian Day Care Center and although my mom passed away before it blossomed, she is, in my mind, certainly proud of the way my Dad has molded and groomed this into the thriving, much needed, high standard school that it is today.

Wee Care Christian Academy, Myaaka City, Florida

Secondly, my sister, a prominent, caring dentist in Iowa, and her amazing husband, founded an organization that provides mentors and scholarships to kids in need within their local community, so that they may complete their education from Third grade through high school graduation and beyond.

West Liberty Youth Dream Catchers

Have you been looking for a way to expand your service to others as well? It might be even easier than you think!

And it’s called….drum roll please……Amazon! Haha! Yup, that’s it! Do you love Amazon as much as I do? Do you already have an Amazon account? Yup, me too!

So my request for you should you wish to show gratitude for these caring individuals is very simple.

Purchase all your Amazon orders at:

You DO NOT have to add any of your existing account information in again or make any changes to your existing amazon account! All you have to do is put the word Smile before the word Amazon! Smile.Amazon.com (When you type that into your browser, your account will automatically be there. You absolutely do not have to redo your account in any way!)

Then run a charity search for Either of the two Charity Organizations listed above….whichever one speaks to your heart….and Amazon will donate 0.05% of your orders to the charity you pick! (IT DOES NOT COST YOU ANY EXTRA TO DO THIS GENEROUS DEED!) Once you pick the Charity, Amazon will remember it, and all you have to remember to do is enter Smile.Amazon.com every time you place an order! Better yet, add it to your browser. Easy Peasy! And you just helped an amazing organization continue to do its’ loving work.

Thank you so very much for helping me give back to my family for inspiring me to live my life in service to others. Till the next time you, follow-me-home,

Today is the day…

How today feels to me…

Yup, that was me, 2 years ago, when my daughter asked me to take a trip of a lifetime with her to Moab, Utah.

I was scared to do it, but I did it!

Are you scared to try something new?

Do you have plans/projects/big ideas that are just waiting to be started?

Why not start them today? What’s holding you back? Do you have one excuse after the other? Me too! But let’s begin anyway! Today. Today is the day.

The start of my blog and my new facebook business page, found here facebook.com/1718609281690533 It’s a new beginning! Yes, I’m as scared as I was that day but I’m also just as excited!

Excited for change, for new experiences, for new friendships.

Let’s make this new beginning fun, challenging, exciting, educational, adventurous and rewarding!

Please, take the time to follow-me-home

When I was growing up, money was scarce. My parents were very savvy shoppers and one of their favorite stores was Sears. They had a very simple slogan. Good, better, best. And you really couldn’t go wrong. For example, if you needed a new refrigerator, you had three choices. They all worked, it was just a matter of choosing which you could afford in order to get to optimal.

Over the years, I’ve found this slogan to be true with a variety of things I’ve tried in order to help my special needs son.

When he was about 3 or 4 years old we learned about a wonderful place called The Institutes For The Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP). As soon as I discovered it, we enrolled in their program and our journey began. However, after 6 months our son was not doing any better, in fact he was worse. Loving the message, but not the results, I learned their was a group that had, what I call, broke out of IAHP and it was called the National Academy for Child Development(NACD). We enrolled our son and began their program and we had a better response for our son.

A few years later, through more researching, I learned of a rema rkable boy named Raun, who recovered from Autism and his parents started a program called Son-Rise. I, of course, enrolled our son, and so it began….

Again, our progress just was not happening. Not one to give up, I learned of a small group that broke off from SR, called Growing Minds(GM) and we trekked down to Florida and enrolled our son! He began, again, to make some progress.

When we learned the powers of essential oils(EO), I had to have them. I was first introduced by a Chiropractor in Colorado. As you can tell by now, I had to learn more about EO and when I did, I found one needed high quality. Unfortunately, the results others were enjoying, just wasn’t happening for us, and I gave up on the oils.

Fast forward to 3 years ago when we met my sons current doctor and she asked me to consider trying EO again. I was pretty resistant. The years of research and trials with slow progress hardens a persons enthusiasm to try new (same) things and my new attitude was ” been there, done that.” She encouraged (ok insisted) I just try these new Essential Oils and my love affair began. The quality is extraordinary and the more I use them, the more I love them! They are wonderful for my son, but they have been extraordinary for me, too!

My son just turned 22. I’ve learned not to ever give up. There is always something more. A new way. A better way. Someone has a good idea and it works, it’s good enough. But, out of ego or denial or greed or pure stubbornness, they cannot see potential for change. Someone within their organization has vision for perhaps something better and starts something new and perhaps it’s the best. Good, Better, Best. Are you living with good or better? If you are already using Essential Oils, I applaud your due diligence! However, if you’re not seeing the results you crave, perhaps you’re only at good or better. Step on over and join me in Best. Click here to sign up.

Till the next time you,