Voir ce film Jesus Code

The most important book on Jesus since the Gospels

150 years of the academic search for the historical Jesus are about to become a footnote…
2,000 years of faith-based Christianity are called into question as being at odds with what Jesus actually taught…
The actual teachings of the real Jesus are about to be reborn…

The Resurrection of the Historical Jesus

The most famous and impactful man in human history is also its most misunderstood.

The Jesus Code is a quest to right that wrong.

It is a quest for resurrection: to bring the real man and his actual teachings back from the dead.

But this book does not resurrect a god… not the eternal Son of God nor the Messiah whose advent was supposedly predicted by Jewish prophets.

The Jesus Code resurrects an ordinary man born from ordinary parents who would, almost miraculously, become the most powerful force in human history.

But resurrection cannot happen without death. Readers will be called on to die to their existing theories and prejudices, their current cynicism or faith.

Out of this death and resurrection, readers will come face to face with the real historical Jesus. This man has much more to offer your life than you have ever previously conceived. He was a great teacher but he did not teach faith. He taught the inner path of the transformation of the soul. He was a ‘mystic’ and, in the course of the book, that annoyingly vague term is resurrected into clarity.

Jesus is going to reach across two millennia to teach you the one true spiritual path: the path of the inner evolution of the soul.

For some readers, this will spur the same emotions that it spurred in his disciples and followers: relief, hope and inspiration.

For others readers, it will spur the same emotions that it spurred in the Pharisees and chief priests of his day: resistance, resentment, confusion, anger, fury.

Death and rebirth do not necessarily come easily.

‘Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth.’
– Jesus, Matthew 10:34