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The British comedy drama, Mutual Friends focuses on the life of a lawyer, Martin and his wife Jen. The couple's World is thrown into chaos when Jen's affair with Martin's friend Karl, who struggles to cope with the guilt and pain he feels after the affair. Karl's actions following the discovery of the affair leave a lasting impression on each of Martin and Jen's friends, who in turn seem to fall into a mid life crisis of some kind that impacts on Martin's personal and professional lives.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on The 101 1 Season, 6 Episodes August 26, 2008 Comedy 7.2 / 10 Cast: Marc Warren. Keeley Hawes. Alexander Armstrong. Claire Rushbrook

Episode 5 - Episode 5

Now that Martin is jobless, Jen asks him to meet with her boss. Sarah has dropped Patrick for failing to pay any fees and in the meantime, Patrick asks Martin to take on his case against Harry over the ownership of Qcumba. As her wedding plans move forward, Liz begins to have doubts about her real feelings for Harry.

Episode 4 - Episode 4

Reconciled after Martin leaves the hospital, he and Jen start trying for a baby, but Martin struggles to deliver the goods. To make matters worse, his now-pregnant boss Sarah threatens to fire him unless he brings in more business.

Episode 3 - Episode 3

Following his massive intake of cannabinoids, Martin (Marc Warren) leaves hospital and is reconciled with Jen (Keeley Hawes), but he's frustrated when she won't have sex with him, as the comedy drama continues.

Episode 2 - Episode 2

Patrick (Alexander Armstrong ) tries to help Martin (Marc Warren) cope with his marital problems by subjecting him to an energetic reintroduction to the life of a single man, involving vigorous mountain bike-riding, rounds of golf and marathon computer games sessions – fueled by a diet of pizza, beer and skunk – as the comedy drama continues.

Episode 1 - Episode 1

After the suicide of his best friend, Carl, solicitor Martin's (Marc Warren) world falls apart when his wife, Jen (Keeley Hawes), tells him at the funeral that she slept with his now dead friend.